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September 14, 2024

Being Intentional About the Business of Inclusion.

Join us on September 14th for an unparalleled gathering at the forefront of transformative leadership-- The New Face of Inclusion Summit 2024!

Under the guiding theme "Being Intentional About the Business of Inclusion," this event is for visionary leaders from both growing startups and established enterprises. Inclusive leadership goes beyond just doing what's right, and is a pivotal part of succeeding in the contemporary global market.

Through a series of keynotes, workshops, panels, and networking opportunities, you'll develop your leadership skills, and gain insights into embedding inclusivity into your leadership and business strategies.

Get ready to transform your leadership effectiveness, and corporate culture, to drive innovation!

What is The New Face of Inclusion Summit?

The New Face of Inclusion Summit (NFOIS) is an annual leadership development summit presented by The New Face of Inclusion. We're a fresh voice on inclusive leadership & the future of work, focused on skills and capacity development. Our annual summit began in 2022 online, and has grown to over 10+ speakers, attendees from 3 continents, and an unmatched impact on leaders and employers in the technology, professional services, and non-profit sector.

Image of man, wearing glasses, with his left hand resting on his chin, and a slight smile on his face.

Designed for forward-thinking leaders committed to the strategic value of inclusive leadership in their organizations.

NFOIS is a must-attend for executives and employers committed to embedding inclusion into the DNA of their leadership and organizational practices. It promises not only a platform for learning and inspiration but also an opportunity for meaningful networking with peers who share a common vision for a more inclusive, innovative, and successful business landscape.

What are the benefits to attending?

We've taken your feedback and given you more benefits to joining us!

Develop Your Inclusive Leadership Skills

This is your opportunity to lean into a more authentic leadership style by building your inclusive leadership skills. Develop critical traits needed to thrive in today's business landscape.

Gain Practical Tools & Frameworks

Gain access to evidence-based tools and frameworks that lead to increased leadership proficiency, more innovation, and foster high-performing teams.

drive organizational change

Get equipped with the necessary skills to assess and transform your organization's culture. You'll learn how to pinpoint practices that encourage inclusivity and address those that hinder it.

expand your professional network

Enjoy an intentional platform for networking among like-minded professionals. Build connections, exchange ideas, and collaborate with other leaders putting inclusion at the forefront.

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