September 14, 2024 | All sessions are in English

9:00 AM
Registration & Networking

10:00 AM
Opening Remarks

Rose Genele, Founder | The New Face of Inclusion Summit

Rose Genele, Founder, The New Face of Inclusion; CEO, The Opening Door


10:15 AM

10:40 AM
Summit Sessions - Morning

30-minute sessions comprised of presentations, workshops, and experiential learning.

11:45 AM

Balancing Innovation & Ethics: Using AI to Build High-Performing Teams

This panel discussion addresses the dual perspectives of AI's potential and its ethical implications within the workplace. As organizations strive to harness AI for increased productivity and cost efficiency, they must also navigate the complex ethical terrain that these technologies present, including bias, privacy, and accountability. This session brings together experts to explore both the opportunities AI offers for business growth and the limitations it faces from an ethical standpoint, proposing actionable solutions to align these interests.

Chris MacDonald, Director, Ted Rogers Leadership Centre


12:15 PM
Lunch Break & Virtual Networking

1:05 PM
Summit Sessions - Afternoon

30-minute sessions comprised of presentations, workshops, and experiential learning.

2:10 PM
Fireside Chat

From Idea to Founder to CEO - What You Need to Know from Insiders

The journey of transitioning from a founder—often focused on innovation and solving technical challenges—to a CEO who excels in steering the company towards sustainable growth, is an intricate one. This panel explores the critical leap from developing a MVP to mastering the art of leadership. Gain insights from seasoned leaders who have navigated this path, who support others navigating this path, and who create opportunities for others to take this path. Join this session tailored to addressing the unique challenges and opportunities in the Canadian innovation ecosystem.‍‍

Laura Gabor, Co-founder & COO, ecologicca; Founder, What in the Tech


2:45 PM
Closing Remarks

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Expo Hall & Networking