Turn inclusion into actionable strategies, embrace the future of business.

The "new face" of leadership, repositions inclusion as a strategic and reliable business incentive, and goes further than the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) benchmarks seen at many organizations.

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With incredible speakers, panel discussions, impactful workshops, and next-level networking, The New Face of Inclusion Summit is your must attend event for inclusive leaders and organizations.

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A deeper dive into this year's summit.

What does this year's theme mean?

"Being Intentional About the Business of Inclusion" suggests that leadership, with an emphasis on inclusion, is not just an ethical standard, but a business requirement in today’s competitive global marketplace. The "new face" of leadership repositions inclusion as a strategic and reliable business incentive — where being intentional can drive performance, revenue growth, and innovation for startups and enterprise-level organizations.

Pillar 1: Innovation through Inclusion

The direct link between inclusion and innovation, this pillar showcases how including different perspectives contributes to creative problem-solving and innovation. Demonstrating how diverse teams and inclusive problem-solving approaches can lead to groundbreaking innovations and solutions.

Pillar 3: Inclusive Leadership as a Business Imperative

Highlighting the importance of leadership commitment to inclusivity for achieving business excellence, this pillar examines the role of executives and directors in modeling inclusive behaviors, and setting the tone for an organizational culture that values inclusion as a key driver of success.

What can I expect from the content pillars?

These pillars are designed to provide a comprehensive view of how intentional inclusion can be a strategic business advantage, offering actionable insights and strategies for executives and boards to implement within their organizations. It's our roadmap to making sure you get a deep understanding of how to effectively integrate inclusivity into your leadership practices and business strategies.

Pillar 2: Building and Sustaining Inclusive Cultures

Addressing the need for a systemic cultural shift towards inclusivity within organizations, this pillar focuses on practical approaches to transform corporate culture, ensuring it supports inclusion at every level.


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